MATTER OF CONNELLY, 181 Ariz. 288 (1995)

889 P.2d 1086

In the Matter of A Member of the State Bar of Arizona, Sean CONNELLY, Respondent.

No. SB-93-0041-D. Disciplinary Commission No. 90-0381.Supreme Court of Arizona.
January 13, 1995.


This matter having come on for hearing before the Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Arizona, it having duly rendered its decision and this Court having considered the matter, filed its Memorandum Decision on the 22nd day of December, 1994.

The time for filing a Motion for Reconsideration has expired and no motion was filed.

IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that SEAN CONNELLY, a member of the State Bar of Arizona, is hereby censured for his violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct as a lawyer pursuant to the Memorandum Decision of this Court.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that pursuant to Rule 52(a)(8), Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona, the State Bar of Arizona is granted judgment against SEAN CONNELLY for costs incurred by the State Bar of Arizona in the amount of $2,303.62, together with interest at the legal rate from the date of this judgment and order.

FELDMAN, C.J. and ZLAKET, J., did not participate in this matter.

Dan W. Montgomery, Tucson.

John Gabroy, Gabroy, Rollman Bosse, P.C., Tucson.

Robert Swartz, Bar Counsel, Harriet L. Turney, Gen. Counsel, and Margaret Downie, Chief Counsel, for State Bar of Arizona.