IN RE A SUSPENDED MEMBER BAR AZ., ALAVEZ, SB-09-0002-D (Ariz. 3-17-2009)

In the Matter of a Suspended Member of the State Bar of Arizona, ERIN M. ALAVEZ, Attorney No. 21108.

Supreme Court No. SB-09-0002-DSupreme Court of Arizona.
March 17, 2009.

Disciplinary Commission No. 08-0277.

RUTH V. McGREGOR. Chief Justice.

This Court having considered this matter on sua sponte review,

IT IS ORDERED granting review. It appears that Respondent Alavez was not properly served with the complaint at the last address she provided to the State Bar as required by Rules 57(a)(2) and 47(c), Rules of the Supreme Court.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED vacating the decisions of the Disciplinary Commission and hearing officer and remanding the matter to the State Bar.

DATED this ________ day of March, 2009.


Erin M Alavez

Stephen Little, State Bar of Arizona

Philip M Haggerty, Hearing Officer 6K

Sandra Montoya, Records Manager, State Bar of Arizona

Leticia V D’Amore, Disciplinary Clerk

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